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Baen Library

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Sennadar is the forum site for the author who wrote the Tarrin Kael, Jason Fox, Kit Vulpan and other stories.

The Baen Library is a website that offers free books of many different authors from the Baen Publishing house.  This is a good place to read books to see if you like some authors works.

Then there is the traditional book store, Barnes and Noble.  I like to promote brick and mortar books stores over amazon any day.  I remember Mobipocket.  That is why.

The links in this website has changed in 2012...

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Subjugation series,

Tarrin Kael multi series,
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Shadow Walker series


Earth Bond

Linking to www.Weavespinner.net would be the easiest way of finding Fel's stories on this site.  From there you can navigate to Fel's stories via the latest links on the weavespinner.net site.